Frequently Asked Questions

Some general things to know


Thursday – 1600h

We start on Thursday afternoon with a pre-game workshop followed up by Act 1 (1983), which will start with ingame registration and a students party. 


On Friday morning Act 1 continues with slightly hung over lectures, training and demonstrations and ends with the characters being sent out in the world. 

Act 2 – which starts somewhen Friday afternoon/ evening – will be a black box phase covering the years and events between 1983 and 1987. This includes developing relationships towards other characters as well as towards the organisation (PESA). 


Act 3 will start on Saturday morning and takes place in 1987. Here we will have different task, destinations and objectives for your characters which can only be reached by careful (or reckless) decisions on when to cooperate and when to compete.

Saturday night will be the Eighties After Party.

Sunday – departure until 1400h

You will have enough time to sleep out and pack your stuff.


In general we will play in the eighties. But we will have a leap in time from about 4 years in Act 2. While Act 1 will be played in 1983, Act 3 will be set in 1987. 

Also in Act 1 most of characters will trainees and new to the job, while in Act 3 most characters will be more or less experianced and in some kind of routine. 

What we will provide? 
We have – depending on your role – additional costume parts and accessories. This could be a lab coat and clipboard for lab-analysts or a full tactical jumpsuit for the agents in a mission. There will also be tools, gadgets and other technical stuff. 

What do you need to bring? 
You’ll need a basic costume to wear while not on a misson or underneath a lab coat. For Act 1, casual clothing [Bruce Springsteen style] might be a good choice, in Act 3 suit and business costume [Blues Brothers style] fits as well. Still, your character could also be a business style trainee or a casual style old fart or just go ‚Boy George‘. It’s up to you and your posibilities (money, transport, comfort, etc.). 

Of course you can always bring in accessories, technical gadgets or this extra aerobics wear if you want to… 

We recoment thrift stores (Oxfam, UFF or private sellers) but eBay, H&M or your parents cabinet might be a source, too! 


There will be food for everyone. 

Vegetarian, vegan and muslim diets are standard, just let us know in beforehand. 

Other diets can most likey be fixed by the kitchen. Please talk to us, we’ll find a solution.

Due to our act-structure, meals will be at fixed times. Nevertheless there will be time for some to be early and some to be late – which is also quite neccesary as we might not have enough space in the dining rooms for everyone at the same time. 

Breakfast will be from 0800 hrs to 1000 hrs 

Lunch will be from 1300 hrs to 1430 hrs 

Dinner will be from 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs


There are different kind of rooms. In general we differentiate in in-game rooms and off-game rooms. The in-game rooms are part of the game and should be kept free from off-game material. We provide you with boxes/ bags that can be used as off-game storage. These rooms are in general a bit more fancy and will be in the old, castle-part of the youth hostle. 

The off-game rooms will be in the modern part of the youth hostel. These rooms won’t be part of the game and can be used as you’re pleased. 

On the other hand we have rooms with four beds and rooms with six beds. The six bed rooms come with a second level in the room, they are bigger and have some fancy view. Four beds are on the lower level, six beds are on the top level. 

The last difference between rooms is, that some rooms come with an en suite bathroom and others have bathrooms on the hallway. 

Sleeping Times

We’ll have some designated downtimes of the game. However, if you find someone to play with during these times, go ahead. Still you won’t find GM or NPC support during the offgame time.

What to bring?

Your Clothes and costumes.
Towels, toiletry and practical stuff like a torch light.

Lost & Found

If you find some kind of game material which seems to be lost by another participant, please bring it the fron office as soon as possible.

Also if you lost something, fron office should be your first place to ask.

First Aid

If you get hurt or you witness any accident, please inform a nearby GM, NPC, the front office or the someone in the NPC room. 

These people will know how to deal with small cuts and scratches, how to find a paramedic, how to call ambulance or an emergency doctor. If you happen to be a paramedic or a doctor and you are willing to provide first aid in case it’s needed, please let us know. 


Sometimes a larp can be intense. Actually most of us larp for these intense moments. 

Still, there’s also a level of too intense. 

If you feel this way, please feel welcome to talk to and GM or the front office. We also provide an off-game room as a save space to calm down and recover. Feel free to come – we have cookies!