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These are the ticket options and prices for Zeitgeist

Player Ticket: 320,00€

We have 120 places for players.
Board and lodging is fully included in the price.

91/120 Player Tickets available.

NSC Ticket - 120,00€

We have 6 places for Non Player Characters.
Board and lodging is fully included in the price.

0/6 NSC Tickets available.

Player Plus Ticket - 360,00€

For every player buying a Player Plus Ticket we are able to give
one subsidised ticket to a player who needs one.

Subsidised Ticket: 280,00€

Subsidised Tickets will be available in January.
The contigent depends on how many Player Plus Tickets have been sold.

There are two ways to buy your ticket

1. You can buy your ticket in the billetto online shop. This allows you to pay by Credit Card, PayPal and other online payment types. This method is very convenient, but costs an additional fee for the transaction provider.

2. You can register below on this page and pay the ticket price manually via bank transfer. You will receive a confirmation with all necessary bank account informations. Don’t worry, we consider this as a valid sale and the registration will secure your ticket for two full weeks.

Online Transaction

If you like to pay online via PayPal, Credit Card or other online pay methods, please follow this link:

Zeitgeist Ticket Store at billetto.

Please be aware that purchasing your ticket there will cost additional transaction fees.

Bank Transfer

If you like to pay by bank transfer, please fill out the registration form here. By sending it out, you have your place safe. You will receive a confirmation mail with our bank account information in the next 24 hours. There will be no additional fees here.
If You want to buy more than one ticket, please select all ticket types you need and write us in the message box, how many tickets of which ticket type you want to order.
As well, if you'd like to pay in installments, it's totally possible, just tell us in the message field.

Ticket Type

Player Ticket 320,00 €

sold out - NSC Ticket 120,00 €

Player Plus Ticket 360,00 €

- I accept this photo & video policy: There will be photographers and a video crew at the event, and i know that i may appear in pictures or video. Zeitgeist will be very respectful about it: If there are scenes with questionable content (stuff that might be problematic if taken out of context), i will be asked for permission before any release, but if it's just pics/videos in nice costumes and normal game situation i won't be asked first.

- My personal data will be stored for the organisation and execution of the event.

- I read and accepted the Terms & Conditions.
        (Terms & Conditions are here)