Groups, Factions and Lobbyists

Nobody is just the person he seems to be

At Zeitgeist your characters will be part of different groups, factions and sections. These groups can be a department in the PESA organisation, as well as secret groups with even more secret agendas. 

You might end up working for lobbyists or some obscure industry – of course just underneath your daily mask. 

Most of theses affiliations will be your choice but some will be set up for you. Still, we try to stick with your preferences here as well. There will be a questionnaire after the registration process. 

Zeitgeist will be both competitive and cooperative. While different groups and factions will compete with each other, the members of a group need to work together – in theory. In practice you can be part of different groups and factions with diverging goals. 

Still, in the end we all have to work together against a strong common enemy from outside. 

Most characters will be part of diffrent groups and factions or might also be working for a lobbyist. We will not be able (and also not willing) to describe all those categories here, but we give you short overview. 

What kind of employee I am? 

We are all working for PESA the ‘Prosperous Environment Safeguarding Association’. At least this is what we tell the mundane world who does not need to know about IPEs [Inanimate Paranormal Entitiy] or as we like to call them ‘Artifacts’ and CPEs [Concious Paranormal Entity] which we use to call ‘Ghosts’.

CO Staff 

Some are working in the Country Office [CO] and form six groups. These are Lab-Analysts, Analysts (Office), IPE-Technicians (IPE-Holding), CPE-Technicians (CPE-Holding), Facility-Technicians and Managers.

Facility-Technicians will be reserved for GMs and NPCs.

Field Teams

Some will work out in the field and have different kinds of specialisation.

Field teams are usually a group of four to six agents: There will be a Squad Leader. The other team members are Hunters, Gatherers and Specialists. The field agents form the seventh group. 

What lobbyists do we have? 

Your character could also be part of an delegation from another Country Office or even a Regional Office and therefore have different kind of gaols and interest. 

There are also powers from outside who try to enforce their interests on PESA. This could be a large company or military lobbyists, as well as secret agents from different intelligence services. 

Finally there are factions. There are different factions that want the organisation to develop in different directions. These factions use very different aproaches to fullfill there goals. Not all of them are peaceful.

Be aware – be very aware!