What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is a larp – a live action role-play in nordic style.

It is about an „nuclear“ arms race and not about boffer weapons.

It is about Iron Maiden and not the Iron Throne.

It is about a haunting future and not romanticizing knights in shining armor.

It is about espionage and not about the brotherhood.

It is about shaping a character`s personality and not about getting into the shape of a hero.

It is about shoulder pads and not about a princess ‘gown.

It is about the Pet Shop Boys and other great artefacts.

Preparation Phase

Before the game starts, we will do some pre-workshops. The goal is to get in touch with each other, to feel closer to your character and to get and share all information needed for the game. 

You will learn all the mechanics and methods, that you will have at your disposal during the game.

Act 1 - 1983. "Let's do great things and don't talk about it!"

In the first act you will delve into your character, get to know your team members better and of course you will see which teams will be in competition to yours and which will have friendly ties. As a team you and your team mates form a unity, which prepares at the moment for one of it’s most important missions. And of course you want to be the best team there is.

It’s 1983, June 15th at the German Country Office of PESA. This years recruits are welcomed by the administration for the PESA trainings camp. Whether you play a recruit or an experienced old fart, the first act will be in a high school mode. Expect lectures and workshops, getting to know your team mates, pranks, parties and a fight club…

Still you are responsible adults, every single one of you already had a scientific or military career, had been to the police, the fire department or some other important agency. And everyone knows: In the end you will either team up in small groups to travel the world to save mankind from paranormal entities or you make the biggest discoveries for mankind… behind closed doors.

Act 2 - "It's been four Years! But for what?"

The second act will be played black box or mini-larp style in small scenarios of both kind, some pre-designed by us and some made up by you and your team. This act is mainly about forming relationships and common history for the characters and will cover the time between 1983 and 1987.  

In the blackbox act you will play scenes in small groups, which will be planned and designed by yourself. Those scenes will give the characters more depth and the necessary background to the third act. You can play back flashes about the first time you met with other characters, scenes of different missions or scenes with difficult decisions. 

There will be many occasions for love, death and drama. It’s also no problem at all, that you or somebody else embodies different roles than the own character: lovers, parents, the personal arch nemesis – everything is possible. The focus of those scenes should be on the time between 1983 (first act) and 1987 (third act) to experience, how the characters developed during those four years and to share experiences with other characters, so you can bring them up during the next act.

Act 3 - 1987. "Oh my God! What have we done?"

In the third act you will lead your own story further and to an end. All started plot lines from the first and second act will be brought together. Besides personal experiences the world around you has changed, too. New political decisions were made and within PESA itself there were some shifts you may have been unaware of – or even highly uncomfortably with. The story has now it’s climax. How it ends for your character is your decision.

Back at the German CO the administration has to deal with the unplanned homecoming of all the teams at once. The CO is crowded like a beehive and some agents lost their innocence during the last years. Not everyone seems to follow the same rules. And while some try to get hold of the chaos, some others seem to use it for their very own goals. Or are they paid by people from the outside?

Whatever your agenda will be in the end, you all will work towards the Saturday evening visit from PESA’s head office…

Afterparty and de-briefing

Our game will end Saturday late afternoon/early evening. There will also be a short debriefing by the organisers, followed by a afterparty full of all the good and bad stuffs from the 1980s – prepare for the worst.

More Infos:

PESA - A Secret Society

The Paranormal Entity Safeguarding Association is dedicated to assist the Member States and the Secretary-General in their efforts to maintain the security against paranormal threats…

Creating Your Character

In Germany we’re used to bring our own character/role while the nordics usually get a role written by the game designer. We actually want to do a bit of both worlds…

Groups, Factions & Lobbyists

At Zeitgeist your characters will be part of different groups, factions and sections. These groups can be a department in the PESA organisation, as well as secret groups with even more secret agendas.