22. December 2016

Nice place. Would be a shame if something bad happened to it…

We know that information about Zeitgeist are still quite thin and obscure right now. One reason for this is, that it’s a complete new and original LARP. Of course, the mood is based on Eighties pop culture like Ghostbusters or highly acclaimed Eighties reminiscences as Donnie Darko or Stranger Things and of course there is a lot of imagery of the political and social situation back then. But Zeitgeist is not a Fan-LARP of a movie or a TV-show. We will set up our own imagery, our own atmosphere and give you an original canvas to create your own stories. And that takes time.

Right now, Tina & Larson have finished the (quite extensive!) concept paper. Now all this will be the basis for costumes, sets, props and the general design for everything we will build and publish about Zeitgeist in the next time. This means: There is not very much to show you right now, but as soon as we can, we will post what we can give away without spoiling anything.

Right now, we can show you the location and explain, why we are so happy to have it. The whole team was there in November to kick off the hot phase of the project. We worked two days to set up the development plan, talk about all the important details and of course, to check out how we can use the location in the best way possible.

The first thing you might love as much we did: The castle is absolutely gorgeous. We have huge rooms of splendour and abundant ornamentry, which fits perfectly as base of a world wide operating secret society that believes, that ordinary people mustn’t know everything that’s going on in the world.

Additionally, we have some not so historic buildings, that gave us an Eighties vibe immediately. And, better still, there are even some architectural specialities, that we can use for our game by slightly tweaking it with just some minor additions.

And last but not least we have access to several rooms, that we can change quite heavily, such as a really huge vault, that we will use as training facility on the first day and a more martialic venue on the next.

I guess it’s not yet possible to imagine, but this “Disco” will become the Warehouse.

You probably saw the small tower on our Facebook page: We can’t tell you right now what we want to put in there, but this could end up as one of the coolest sets in the game.

We hope, that you like what you saw. We can’t wait to show you some more in-game related stuff, so stay tuned and have a great holiday and a happy new year, everyone!

(and get your ticket!)

22. December 2016

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