Zeitgeist throws you back to a future, in which everything was easier and ghost busting was fun. But was it really? 

Or did we forget what really happened? 

An international LARP

Fear the Eighties!

Find out what really happened, when the cold war was coldest and the music was boldest.

A Secret Society

Zeitgeist is spinning around the daily business at PESA, the secret Paranormal Entity Safeguarding Association, dealing with handling all those dark secrets – be that ghosts or artefacts – you hardly ever dreamed of.

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Groups, Factions & Lobbyists

You will be part of different groups, factions and sections. This can be a department in the organisation or secret groups with even more secret agendas. You might end up working for lobbists or some obscure industry.

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Creating Your Character

Your role design consist of different parts, which can be influenced, controlled and altered by you – at least most of it. Part one of your role is written by us and defines a name (gender neutral) as well as parties and fractions.

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The Fear Of Everything Else But Me

Zeitgeist will be played in the 1980s with all the glamour and all the pink. Still it will not be an exact copy of the 1980s as some of us experienced it. We will live in some kind of parallel universe with modern views on gender, sexuality or race.

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How we will play Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a larp in three acts wheras Act #1 is situated in 1983 and Act #3 in 1987.
Act #2 is a blackbox phase.
Furthermore we will have a mandatory pre-workshop on safety and security, general mechanics and a smooth start. 

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"And these children that you spit on as they try to change the world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through..."

David Bowie

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Who are we?

Meet the people behind the Zeitgeist larp. We are nice.

The Zeitgeist Team

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“At last”, he called out. Followed by a long series of coughs and sniffs. Damn flu. But after three days of pure suffering and one and a half day past his deadline of December 1st the web…

2. December 2016

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