The Fear Of Everything But Me

Not literally the eighties…

We have to change some things

Zeitgeist will be played in the 1980s with all the glamour and all the pink.

Still it will not be an exact copy of the 1980s as some of us experienced it. We’ll be in some kind of paralell universe.

Not only that there will be ghosts and artifacts, there’s also a different view from society on topics like sexism, racism, homo- and transphobia – or should we say xenophobia in general.

 Let’s face it. We’re living in 2016 and it’s not funny anymore to make jokes about these topics. It is even less funny to be confronted with stuff like this in a larp. At least for those of us who are not white heteronormative cis-male. 

So color of you hair, skin or eyes, even of you nail polish does not matter.

Your gender: Does not matter. 

Your sexuality: Does not matter. 

Your religion: Does not matter. 

Still you can choose your characters to be a xenophobe person. You just need to keep in mind that people will see them as an xenophobe douche bag and most likely will treat you like this.