The Zeitgeist Team

Who you’re gonna call?

Daniel Steinbach - Head-Organiser, Booking and Budget

is a child of the 80s. He was born in 1984 and works now as author, organizer and player of live action role-playing games. Since 2008 he works as CEO for Waldritter e.V. (Forest Knights). 

In his work he organises many larps for children, youths and adults with different topics and pedagogical and educational aims. He was part of the organisation teams at “Projekt Prometheus” (Alternate Reality Game about conspiracy, interception and terrorism, F.R.E.D. 2009), “Projekt Exodus” (battlestar galactica larp in an old destroyer, F.R.E.D. 2015), “Dystopia” (larp inspired by Orwell’s 1984) and main organiser of “Die Mauer” (larp about the german-german history, F.R.E.D. 2012) and “Tower of Babel” (german-norwegian larp summercamp, F.R.E.D. 2014). 

He wrote more than 20 different minilarps with different topics and aims and many more fantasy larps aimed to learn social skills. Before all that he studied German language and literature and comparative literature and is allowed to call himself “Master of Arts”.

Christine Schmidt - Head-Organiser, Costume Design & Merchandise

born in 1984 on the other side of the wall. Lives now near Frankfurt/Main and started to larp there in 2005. 

Since 2011 she is working for Waldritter e.V. (Forest Knights). She helped to organise several runs of the Alternate Reality Games “Die Bewegung” (right-wing activism), “Projekt Prometheus” (conspiracy, interception and terrorism) and “Die Fremden” (migration and integration). 

She was also part of the organisation teams of the Waldritter-larps “Projekt Exodus” and “Dystopia” and of the german larp conference “Mittelpunkt” in 2016. 

Christine attended her first international larp in 2016 and is now on a mission to bring more international larpers to Germany.

Kristina Leipoldt - Game & Plot Design

is a M.A. ethnologist / sociologist and designs larps since the early 2000s. Since 2005 she has been hired by various NGOs, governmental agencies and the UN as a humanitarian expert and project manager in crisis and conflict settings worldwide. 

During her “day-time-job” she uses larp as a training method for different target groups, both nationally and internationally – focusing on cross-cutting issues such as gender equality, HIV/Aids awareness creation, peace building and conflict mediation. In her “night-time-affairs” she is co-designing and organizing larps such as Vergessene Legenden II (2003), Kommissar Schmidt (2005), the living dead (2010) and KNB109 M (2012). 

2010 the living dead was awarded the “FRED” in the category “best educational larp; 2012 KNB109 M was awarded the “FRED” in the category “best larp” as well as the “Kaiserinnen Sophie larp Award” in the category “innovative game concept”. 

Currently she is working on a small German-speaking larp set in the Thirty Years`War (Die weiße Dohle), a larp for a museum with Larson Kasper, and of course: Zeitgeist!

Larson Kasper - Game & Plot Design, Budget

was born in 1972 and started larping when he was four. We used to call it ‘Father-Mother-Child’ in Kindegarten.

In real life he’s and educator working in youth care. But even here he shifts to larp from time to time and includes larp related stuff in his work with troubled or traumatised kids. He also includes larp in political education for adults with ‘Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung’ or art exhibitions like 2010 during ‘Liverpool Biannial’.

In his career as a larp organizer he had been part of several projects, such as the ‘Aelm-Arthosia’ and ‘KultUr’ series but also in the award winning projects ‘yksi/üç’ (FRED 2009), ‘the living dead’ (FRED 2010) and ‘KNB 109 M’ (FRED and Kaiserin Sophie Award 2012).

Currently he is involved in ‘Der Pandora Effekt’ a larp to explore technochracy, the unknown and what makes us human, a larp in a museum together with Tina Leipoldt and last but not least: Zeitgeist – fear the eigthies…

Dominic Brinckmann - Transport & Logistics

born 1985, began LARP in the year 2000 with the dreaded Vampire Live, changed into the background and organized the Vampire Live performance at Feencon in Bonn from 2001 until 2004. 2004 he shifted his interest to Fantasy cons: organizing, building sets and props, writing plots and acting as game master for Engonien e.V. 

The first big LARP he worked on was Engonien 4/Condra 10 with 300 participants in 2005. In 2006 he began to work for Drachenfest in nearly every role from building up the event, coordinating sets and props, coordinating the game masters and organizing safe and nevertheless challenging battles with more than 3000 participants as head of the battle referees. 

2014 he left the Drachenfest and helped organizing the ifol in 2015 and smaller events (like an own family). Of course he never stopped attending LARPs as a player, too and one good part of the paternity leave is, that he had even more time to play all kinds of LARP.

Eva-Marie Brinckmann - Set & Props Design

Eva is certified nursery teacher, changed her focus towards adult education and conducts seminars for full body massage as a self employed trainer.

Eva has been head coordinator and organized logistics at the Drachenfest, Zeit der Legenden and other LARP events of Wyvern. She took part in the organization of many other different LARP projects and organizations, for example in the Twilight team. Since 2015 she is engaged in the organization of the ifol minilarp events and currently works for the Conquest of Mythodea at Life Adventure Event GmbH.

Eva larps since 1998 and still does it with unbroken enthusiasm.

Jens Scholz - PR, Homepage & Communication

is born 1968, currently living in Cologne and working as digital business consultant and social media coach in real life. 

Jens has been in a medieval reenactment group in the nienties and discovered LARP as a hobby in the early 2000s. 2013 and 2014 he was engaged as referee in several commercial LARPs (Zeit der Legenden & Drachenfest) and acts as coorganizer of the “it’s full of LARPs” events since 2015. 

He speaks about LARP in media in the Mittelpunkt conferences regularly since 2014 and had a talk about LARP at the re:publica conference in 2016. Jens sees a huge opportunity in incorporating LARP in education and creating a more empathic political culture.

Sven Scholz - Sound & Video Design, Print

born in 1968, lives near Mannheim and is a musician since the eighties.

Currently playing drums and percussion and arranging songs in the band “Singvøgel”, composing soundtrack-like stuff while making his living with designing and production branding of events of all kind and sizes.

Begins to larp now, hopefully. It took him long enough!