Creating Your Character

The way to be cool

How to get a role

In Germany we’re used to bring our own character/role while the nordics usually get a role written by the game designer.

We actually want to do a bit of both worlds. Your role design consist of different parts, which can be influenced, controlled and altered by you – at least most of it. 

Part one of your role is written by us and defines a name (gender neutral) as well as parties and factions. These are facts and can’t be altered by you. There’s also a short description on your roles chracteristics, aversions and interests. These can be a used as a blue print for you to add desires and goals as well as traumas and weakness. 

But – just in case you don’t like the blue print at all – forget about it and define your very own role. Or take some and discard the rest. Now that you have a basic role, we offer you a bunch of options: Plug-ins for your role. 

These plug-ins are sorted in four categories.

Cat. 1 plug-in

These are more like brainstorming for sharpening your roles profile. It’s a bunch of adjectives and pharses, maybe a small story as a one liner. 

You can scroll through this list and pick what ever fits to your role or tickles your brain. These plug-ins are so unspecific, that they can be picked by more than one character (they also can be picked by more than ten characters). 

You can pick one of these plug-ins or five or more. Or you skip the whole category. It’s totally up to you. 

  • read through list
  • pick as much as you like 
  • feel free to play around and alter
  • plug-ins can be picked by several other partcipants, too
Cat. 2 plug-in

Again you will find a list of topics here. But this time you will have short stories in two to four sentences. 

Sometimes the story includes other roles; if so you can find yourself other participants or you can wait who picks the other parts. Sometimes you need to find an agreement with those other participants or you ask us, the game designers to connect your roles. 

As these plug-ins are a bit more specific they can’t be picked by an unlimited amount of participants. If you like one of the plug-ins, you pick it and mark it in the list as picked by you. 

Still these plug-ins can be altered by you. At least a bit. And only in dialog with the other invloved participants. 

This plug-in is also optional. You don’t have to pick one, but we recomment to pick one or maybe two plug-ins from this category.

  • read through list
  • pick one, max. two and mark in list
  • connect to other invloved participants and agree on alterations
  • once picked the plug-ins are usually gone
Cat. 3 plug-in

These plug-ins can be found in the list as well BUT only as a short description. Be careful it’s a rabbit hole. You need to decide from the description whether you want to pick this plug-in or not. 

Once picked, you have to deal with everything you find in the rabbit hole. 

Means the short description is followed by a bunch of information as soon as you picked the plug-in. These plug-ins usually come with strong connections to other roles/participants and may have tough and challenging consequences for your character. Once picked, you mark them as taken and they are yours. If needed get in to contact to other participants. 

These plug-ins can not be altered. Again this plug-in is optional. We ask you to take maximum one plug-in from this category. 

  • read short description 
  • be brave (or nuts), pick one and mark as taken 
  • connect to other invloved participants
  • once picked the plug-in is gone
Cat. 4 plug-in

We also would like to encourage you to get in contact with other participants and find and define your own plug-ins. 

Please keep in mind – if third parties, like participants, organisers or NPCs are involved – that you can wish for everything but also have to be satisfied by what others deliver. 

The more you communicate and agree with other participants the less you might get disappointed.